Make sure you do this when hiring a mover

movingIt’s summer time, the living is easy, and it’s prime time to be moving. Summer is the busiest time of the year for all movers and especially in the North West where it rains 300 days of the year. One of my old colleagues and blog sponsor Ben owns a moving company in Beaverton, Oregon called Moving Service Beaverton, said that over the past few years Oregon has been booming with moving activity. People from all over have been moving to the Portland metro area. He doesn’t mind though it helps keep his six trucks busy.

If you are a local in the Portland metro area make sure you use Moving Service Beaverton. Ben use to be one of my right hand guys back in my Green Mover days. Having taught him most of everything he knows I would say he’s one of the finest moving companies around. He works hard; never try’s to trick people into scuzzy deals and is always putting the customer first.

Don’t worry this isn’t just some boring promotional post about my friends moving company. I just wanted to give a little shout out of appreciation. I actually wanted to share a list of things to do when hiring a moving company:

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Online presence

Today I am going to go off on a tangent away from moving and moving tips. I want to talk about what I have done to help make my businesses so profitable.

I think one of the major key factors is a companies online presence. Now some of you maybe questioning what I am getting at here. When I was first approached about the idea from my business friend Joshua at cell phone repair Beaverton Oregon,

Get your website out there

I wondered what he meant about a companies online presence too. I mean yeah sure I had a website, but Joshua was telling me no one knows about your business if they can’t find it on the Internet. Even then I still didn’t get it. If people Googled Green Movers they would easily find my business. But he then told me that people were more thank likely to Google movers or moving company Portland Oregon. Which the more I thought about the more it made sense. Joshua said he read an article about this. You want to optimize your website and hope it moves to the top of Google. If you are lucky enough to get it up there then when ever someone Google’s your services its your website they see first. So there is a 95% chance they are going to look at your website and give you a call.

After I herd this I was excited to get started on optimizing my website. Why haven’t I thought of this before? Now the thing with many small business owners is they don’t understand the importance of their online presence. Some of them may think its all about word of mouth, which is still important, but how do you reach those customers who don’t receive word of mouth The web is like todays phone book. Before the Internet everyone use to look for services in the phone book. But no more, all you have to do is Google.

Now the big question is how do you optimize your website to get more eyes on your website. Here tips my friend Joshua used on his website:

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Choosing the right moving company

Moving houses is known to be one of the worst and most stressful tasks known to man. With my experience of moving many houses even my own, I would say the worst part to me is the packing and unpacking. Many would disagree and say that it’s the actual transport from house to house that is the most stressful. Moving with out hiring a moving company can be very hard on a family, especially a big family with a big house. All the pre planning that goes into a move, like where to work, where the kids will go to school, and figure out the lay of the land. Last thing you want to do is try and make a move by yourself. Hiring the right moving company can make a moving a breeze. Employ the wrong company that has no idea what they are doing and you will wish you never moved.


Here are some steps to take when looking to hire a moving company:

  1. Always ask to see a moving companies license: A company with no license to move should be a red flag that they aren’t qualified to get the job done right. A mover’s license differs from state to state and whether they are an interstate moving company or local. If you ever want to make sure an interstate moving company is fully certified you can always call the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or look the company up on their website, For a local moving company you should contact your states moving association.
  2. Use a local company or national: Its simple if you are moving from state to state use a national moving company. If you are moving form city to city with in your state, then stick with a local moving company.
  3. Check the reviews: No matter what you always want to check company’s reviews when you are hiring out a service. Even if they are the cheapest, you get what you pay for. Last thing you want is to hire a cheap company that is horrible at what they do. That will only create more problems for you, making your move even more stressful. Make sure you check government and independent websites for a moving companies license and reviews. Don’t just trust what their website says. Look into a company’s social media presence for reviews. For example, Facebook, yelp, yellow pages, and Google plus. Every company is going to have horrible customers with bad reviews so if you see a bad review or two don’t let it hinder your decision.
  4. Get an estimate: Look around the market and get an estimate from multiple companies not just one. You always want to make sure those estimates include all of the items in your house. Especially the special items like a fridge, safe, or piano because those can cost a little extra sometimes. Give an accurate description of your house, is it one story or two, elevator or stairs.
  5. Make sure you are insured: The moving company you have decided to hire may be insured, but what you may not know is that there different types of liability. Its federal law that interstate movers must offer you two different options of coverage, full value or released value protection. Under full value protection, which cost more money, the mover is responsible to pay for any item lost or damaged during the move. Released value is free. Under this protection the moving company is responsible to pay 60 cents per pound for an item that is lost or damaged with in the move.
  6. Ask them these questions: After you get the pricing and licensing al figured out it is important that you continue to question the company. Make sure you ask them these questions:

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How to make packing easier

Moving problems

You just purchased your dream home and its time to move from your old boring house and into the new. All that stands in your way is packing everything you own. Doesn’t that sound fun? It’s actually not that bad you just have to attack it a certain way to get it done efficiently. You can either hire a moving company to do all of your packing, which depending on how much work you want them to do, can get quite expensive. Here some tips to help you pack smart.

Don’t procrastinate. Meaning, don’t wait till the last minute to pack every single thing in your house, which will probably take you all day or even a few or more. It’s easier said than done, starting the packing is the hardest part. First, I would start with the items around the house that are least essential to you. For example, art work, some furniture, or a coffee table and just keep packing little by little every day.

Pack by the room. Focus on one room at a time. Start in one area of a large room and don’t mix the boxes with things of another room. It’ll make unpacking confusing.

Pack in boxes

Label every single box. Carry a sharpie on you when you’re packing so you can label every box you tape up. Label it with a short description of its contents and what room it came from. You could use different colors of markers for certain items or rooms to make it even easier on you and your movers.

Keep all of your items clean. If you want to save some money on wrapping paper you can use newspaper to wrap items not as important. But I would say just spend the money on wrapping paper for valuable items because the ink on newspaper has been known to mark some items.

Another tip to keep your items clean, use boxes made for moving. When you get boxes from a home improvement store or grocery, you can’t always guarantee they are going to be clean. Then you have to clean them out and most of the time they aren’t as thick and sturdy as moving boxes. But again if you are trying to save money then yeah, use the free boxes. Just make sure you use those boxes for none delicate items and use a moving box for items very important to you.

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